How to Conquer All Your Fears to Realize Your Purpose and Live the Life You Dream of

Without needing to try in vain for 10 more years ...

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From the FH Method to conquer your life ...

Hack #1

Clarify once and for all what your Purpose is, without a doubt ... And who you need to become to live it fully.

Hack #2

Identify what fears are holding you back, in your life and / or your mission, and learn how to face them.​

Hack #3

Discover an extraordinarily simple way to understand and deal with your fears, your doubts and all your negative emotions and thus change your relationship with them forever.

All negative emotions can be used as a reminder… Maintain a physiological posture that makes you feel empowered over all your fears.
Alice Merron
United Kingdom
For me, the most valuable thing has been to be able to clearly visualize where my goals were, my dreams, my maximum achievement, what I have really come to do in this world and give myself a lot of movement, a lot of action to be able to develop it, to be able to achieve it.
David Ortiz
This is a great session to help you understand and explore in a space where someone else helps you discover and face your fears.
Alex Madi

Happiness is Easy!

Loto Vázquez began his search when he was only 16 years old. Then he searched and searched for 6 years, in yoga, in books, in courses, seminars, in natural therapies, during the Philosophy career … Until he was 22 years old, when he finally found a practice and a method that allow him to experience peace interior, fulfillment and happiness whenever you “choose” it. For the last 14 years he has dedicated himself to traveling teaching and learning to teach this Encounter.

“Happiness is Easy!” As well as “Life Hacks 2020” of which he is co-author and the forthcoming titles “Fear Hacking Method” and “Fear Hacking Gym” are the fruit of that passion to share, with as many humans as Time will come, that happiness is easy, that fears can be conquered, that suffering can be transcended by anyone with enough hunger, in a simple and duplicable way and that linked to realizing more and more our purpose is the key to access inner and outer freedom and success, and how to do it with increasing enjoyment and skill.


You'll learn...

About Loto Vazquez

“Loto is real and powerful. He has been helping some of the most conscious leaders on their own journeys of personal growth and mindfulness for more than 13 years; more than 12 years as a monk in a meditation school; more than 20 years in his own personal growth adventure, author of the book “Happiness is Easy!” and the upcoming books “Fear Hacking Method” and “FearHacking Gym.” He is also the creator of the Fear Hacking® Method and the “FearHacking® Method Program. How to conquer all your fears and never suffer again: The last personal growth program you will ever need. “He has been offering lectures and seminars for thousands of people, in Europe, America and Asia, since he was only 23 years old.”

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